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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Top Secret Documents found on laptop of Pedophile. Thanks to Hillary and Huma

Is there no end to Hillary's corruption?  What a fu*king mess the country is heading toward should this lying Bi*ch be elected president by low information voters.  Perhaps the biggest threat to America is not Hillary, but the really dumb voters who would stupidly cast their votes for her!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Is Huma Abedin not only a top Hillary aide, but the Muslim without a Veil?

Huma Abedin a long time personal friend and top aide to presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has deep ties to a pro-Muslim journal that supports the Muslim Brotherhood.  At  one time Huma was listed as an assistant editor of the Journal at which he mother is the editor-in-chief and her father heads the think tank that publishes the journal. Of course those in the Hillary camp deny there is an real connection between Huma and the journal, despite the fact almost all of her family is involved with the publication.  Little wonder, Hillary Clinton invariably comes down on the side of Iran in most negotiations with that terrorist sponsoring state.  Should Hillary become President one has to wonder how many state secrets Huma will have access too!  After all she and Hillary have been close friends since Bill Clinton's time in the White House where she was an intern---some 17 years ago.  Speaking of interns, I wonder how close she was with Bubba during those years.  How in the hell did this woman manage to get the security clearances necessary to be a top aid for the former Secretary of State?  Of course the lady is married to a Jew, one Anthony Weiner---you know, the former U.S. House member who got his jollies emailing naked images of himself to online strangers.  Kind of makes one wonder what else was going on in Bill Clinton's Oval Office and will we have to endure a sequel should the lady from Chappaqua win in November!