Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why Democrats hate Donald Trump

Democrats hate Donald Trump for what he stands for:  an unapologetic love of America (and yes, he is a nationalist), a man who will always put his country first.  The same cannot be said for Hillary Clinton and most Democrats.  Then of course he has exposed Hillary for the liar, fake, phony and fraud she is.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Barack Obama, the first Black President still keeping his people in Chains

I suspect the old southern plantation owners reminded their black slaves just how lucky they were to be in America and not still living in a land where members of a neighboring tribe would try and kill them or where some hungry lion would eat them when they walked from their mud hut.  And finally to be in a land where they could get water from a well and not have to worry about venturing to the nearby river and winding up in the belly of a crocodile.  Now today, modern day Democrats are reminding black ghetto residents how fortunate they are not to be on a southern plantation just one step ahead of the overseer's whip.  And just how blessed they are to have their basic needs provided by  benevolent Democratic politicians. But wait, didn't the old slave owners provide their slaves with their basic needs, too!  Oh well, progressives don't want to hear these unpleasant facts.  And for those blacks who thought that having a black President would somehow get them out of poverty and the ghetto----well it just didn't happen despite all the promises Barack Obama and other Democratic leaders made.  

Monday, August 29, 2016

Political Correctness, Colt 45 Malt Liquor and Racism

Political Correctness says above image not racist
Political Correctness demands this image label racist!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

ISIS unveils Predator Drone II appropriately named "Wrath of Allah"

ISIS commanders have just unveiled Pigeon Drone II.  This drone has twice the explosive power of their earlier Drone I model.  ISIS leaders confirm that this latest version would be suitable for use in a post-apocalyptic world against the infidels once the nukes stop flying. 

BleachBit endorsed by both Hillay Clinton and the FBI

Finally, a product that will enable you the hide the truth and at the same time your lies, from those who see you as the enemy.  BleachBit has now been endorsed by both Hillary Clinton and the FBI.  For just a few dollars you can login and download a product that will stifle any law enforcement efforts to look into your criminal past.  The BleachBit site has experienced thousands of hits following disclosure that it not only hides, but completely destroys all evidence of past felonies; with the vast majority coming from the Wall Street and those associated with the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Black Lives Matter is Obama's Domestic Terrorist Force

Those on the political left love to label various militia groups like the Minute Men and others as domestic terrorist.  However progressives will never acknowledge the newest and largest domestic terrorist groups in America is the Black Lives Matter movement.  That said, they do not represent a clear and present danger to the nation, because their leaders and members are simply not intelligent enough to present a real threat.   Although most leaders in the BLM movement are recent college graduates, their sheep skins are vertically meaningless.  Meaningless, because these so-called educated leaders are not education at all.  Seems they spent most of their university time protesting this or that instead of going to class.  But this did not matter to those in charge of the university system, who only interest was to graduate a certain number of blacks---whether educated or not.