Thursday, March 23, 2017

BHO is "Barry the Cable Guy"

Following his unqualified success at installing cutting edge snooping devices at NYC's Trump Tower, the former Listener-in-Chief, Barack Obama is weighing the possibility of coming out of retirement as the demand from electronic voyeurs for his expertise soars. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rachel Maddow accuses Trump of stranding Castaways on Gillian's Island

Following the release of a political bombshell dud, where MSNBC's Rachel Maddow in an attempt to discredit President Trump by exposing several pages of his 2005 tax returns;  returns that actually only showed the billionaire payed a higher tax rate than both Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, Rachel and her alt-left fellow travelers over a MSNBC have now set their sights on the plight of the Castaways on Gillian's Island.  Apparent since Donald has been in office there has been no attempt by the president or his intelligence agencies to trace the distress calls coming from those long lost souls on that distant pacific island.  Thus, confirming the progressive image of the  money-grubbing, heartless man that now sits behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.  Additionally, it has been learned that both Senate and House minority committee chairman are calling for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor  to investigate charges that before assuming office citizen Donald Trump was responsible for stranding Gillian, the Professor, Maryanne and others on the remote and uncharted island in order to have a top-rated TV show. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

President Trump's ingenious Strategy for destroying the ISIS Caliphate

Today, President Trump signed an executive order mandating that members of ISIS signup for Obamacare at their local Mosque.  Trump noted that this was a quick and easy step for the total destruction of the Islamic Caliphate in both Syria and Iraq.  But before the ink had dried on Trump's latest Order Democrats in congress are already demanding that the President resend the order.  Calling it 'cruel and unusual punishment' while comparing it to waterboarding.  They have further declared that should Trump continue down this road they will file charges at the International Court in The Hague condemning him for human rights violations.  When asked about these breaking events Trump reportedly declared, "Hell waterboarding is too good for these Islamic killers.  I'm making them get Obamacare."

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Swedish Police: Government Covering Up Huge Migrant Crime Spree

A Swedish police officer put his career and even his liberty on the line — in Sweden, even the truth can get you jailed for “hate speech” — to give his countrymen what he viewed as an urgent warning. Writing on social media, the senior detective, Peter Springare, explained that Swedish authorities were covering up a massive crime wave among primarily African and Middle Eastern migrants that has law-enforcement and the rest of society's institutions on the brink. The revelations, subsequently echoed by another officer who stepped forward to confirm Springare's report, blew a giant hole in the Swedish government's imploding narrative. Making matters worse for the narrative, a violent riot broke out on February 20 after an arrest in the immigrant-dominated Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby — an area that has seen frequent migrant riots, car burnings, shootings, and other chaos in recent years.  Read the rest of this shocking story HERE!

Actually we have the same problem here with police departments in many heavily Democratic areas under reporting crimes committed by illegals.  Truth is, such acts of violence by illegals would be damaging to the political agenda of some politicians. Consequently, the crimes are either not reported or their seriousness masked by a constant changing of the categories into which they fall. 

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Caught Selling Fake Social Security Cards In Upstate New York

Why can't illegal aliens stay out of trouble while in this country?  Perhaps many are here because they are wanted in their own nation for some criminal activity.

Authorities say a 36-year-old central New York man faces deportation to Mexico after pleading guilty to selling false identification documents and assaulting a federal agent during his arrest. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Syracuse says Moises Velazquez-Jacobo of Lowville in Lewis County, pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to charges that included trafficking in false ID documents such as alien registration cards, also known as green cards. Authorities say during his arrest in early March, Velazquez-Jacobo bit the finger of an agent with the federal Homeland Security Investigations. He faces a prison term of up to 20 years and a fine of up to $250,000 when he’s sentence in October, with possible deportation to Mexico after he’s released. The indictment also accuses him of possessing a fake social security card and green card with the intent to defraud the United States on March 7. The indictment also charged Velazquez-Jacobo with trafficking in fake identification documents from about April 2011 to March 7. Officials have said that at least 40 people paid $250 each to get fake Social Security documents and green cards that they then could show to prospective employers. … An affidavit said immigration authorities had twice previously found him to be living illegally in the United States and had him voluntarily leave the country in 2007 and again in 2008.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Muslim ‘Immigrant’ Molested Underage Patients While Working In Texas Hospital

PLANO, TX – A phlebotomist who worked for Children’s Medical Center Plano was sentenced to 19 years in prison last week after pleading guilty to inappropriately touching six teenage patients. Mohammad Ali, 46, pleaded guilty on Feb. 24 to seven counts of indecency with a child, according to Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis. “This perpetrator preyed upon young teenaged girls who trusted him to do his job right,” Willis said in a news release. “In the end, it was the courage of these very girls that helped us catch him and hold him accountable. He won’t be preying on any more children.”  Read the full story HERE!