Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trump Tweet to Lefty Losers on disrupting Inaugration

Wonder if those lefty's planning unlawful disruptions 
at the Inauguration this Friday 
have really considered all the possible consequences.  
Especially those lefty's who are in this country illegally.  
My understanding is that President Trump 
has already instructed DHS to expedite the deportation 
of all such individuals.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 20, 2017 Trump takes Obama's Toy --- Air Force One

Life is tough sometime 
and we must give up things 
that we never really deserved.  
Please someone, give this man a lollipop!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Obama shows his true colors while passing the Baton to Trump

Obama is certainly proving one thing.  
He is not half the man George Bush was 
when it comes to a smooth transition of power 
to the incoming administration.  
In his last days in office he is laying as many land-mines 
as possible in what will be a failed attempt 
to De-legitimatize Donald Trump! 
One must wonder if he and Michelle will abscond 
with the White House silver and china 
as they Clinton's did when they left office.  
Bet he and Michelle would love to make their get-a-way in 
Air Force One.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The reverse Metamorohosis of U.S. Representative John Lewis of Georgia

That once beautiful butterfly 
who floated across the Selma Bridge in 1965, 
Representative John Lewis of Georgia, 
has played an awful trick on nature 
and reverted to an ugly caterpillar.  
Recently, perhaps the most respected black leader 
on capital hill has declared that Donald Trump 
will not be a legitimate duly elected president of the United States.  In doing this he showed his party loyalty 
to be above that of the nation's well being.  
This party line of Rep. Lewis is reflected across 
what has become the far left Democratic Party.  
They all, including the representative from Georgia 
are demonstrating their inability to accept 
the will of the people and admit, 
their candidate was flawed 
and the legacy of Barack Obama 
is not what the nation wanted to continue 
under his former Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton.  

Democrats would rather risk WWIII than take responsibility for running a bad Campaign

Seems those in the Democratic Party would blame Russia 
and risk WWIII to cover their a$$'s 
for running a bad campaign.  
They remind me of the little boy who told his teacher, 
"the dog ate my homework".  
But then it is always, always easier to point the finger 
at someone else for your own failures.
Quite funny, when you remember how 
these same people asserted that Donald Trump would play 
'fast and loose' with our nukes 
should he be in the White House.  
But now they are trying to nudge him aside 
so they can get at that infamous 'Nuke Button' 
to cover their own tracks.  
Crap like this really turns my stomach.  
Little wonder, people fed up with Washington politicians 
voted for Trump! 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

La La Land see Cow Farts and SUV emissions as a bigger threat than Nukes

Up until the last few months, that is before Hillary's loss to Trump, the Obama administration took little notice of the nuclear threat coming from both Russia and China.  They insisted that the biggest danger to our fragile environment was those terrible emissions coming from cow farts and those disgusting SUV exhaust pipes---many of which have two.  They  saw the possibility of a nuclear exchange between major powers as only a remote threat.  The real danger to the world's environment came from man-made emissions---granted it would perhaps take hundreds of years for the oceans to rise a single inch, but that was the clear and present danger.  However since the Trump victory in November they suddenly see the dangers of Russia.  Not only their hacking, but even their arsenal of nuclear weapons.  But then, is it really Russia they fear or is it Trump.