Sunday, July 23, 2017

ISIS Terrorists Dress Up In Make-Up And Padded Bras, Try To Pass As Women To Escape MOSUL- FAIL!

After a successful nine month battle to retake Mosul, Iraq, from ISIS, the city is in ruins. But at least it is no longer ruled by ISIS. In a desperate bid to escape the city, a number of now-defeated ISIS fighters, tried to flee the city and avoid capture by dressing as women. 

The irony here is that in Sharia law, women are next to nothing, lower than low when it comes to value. So these formerly big tough fighters are now dressing as the very people they believe to be worthless in order to get away. It didn’t work. In order to look like a woman, it takes more than just makeup and a hijab. Many of these geniuses neglected to shave their facial hair and their chest hair, making for some scary looking women. Putting on bright red lipstick right under a big mustache does not exactly evoke visions of loveliness. And that bright purple eyeshadow? Hideous. 

It’s always ridiculous to see men dress as women, but then to do so in a fashion that shows zero understanding of how real women comport themselves is even more ridiculous. Most actual women do not leave the house with a face made up like a clownish cartoon caricature. Real women don’t want to look like a circus act. And real men do not act like cowards and dress like women.   Read more.....

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Worldwide Phenomenon: Praying Mantises Are Killing Birds To Eat Their Brains

There is no doubt that Nature is the most beautiful thing to exist on this earth. So many parts of this earth will take your breath away with awe. But it can be quite a beast as well. 

As an example, you need to check out the press release this week from Switzerland’s University of Basel, titled “Praying Mantises Hunt Down Birds Worldwide.” Carnivorous mantises normally would feed frequently on insects or spiders, but zoologists from Switzerland and the United States have now done research that shows that mantises also kill and even consume small birds every continent except Antarctica. 

For those oblivious that praying mantises eat small birds, this news is certainly an eye opener…And a little gross. But frankly, the title of the press release doesn’t carry with it the true repulsion of the situation. 

Newsweek did some additional reporting, interviewing two experts who were of course unaffiliated with the research who told them about the method mantises typically utilize in their avian consumption. 

A mantises usual M.O. is to “pierce the skull to feed on brain tissue,” said biologist William Brown of the State University of New York at Fredonia. 

Retired ecologist Dietrich Mebs also gave his own explanation about the process. 
 ‘They just hold [their prey], and they eat them while they are still alive, slowly and slowly until there is nothing left.’ 

Well that’s not disturbing at all…From Huff Post: 
‘So how did the zoologists determine this is a worldwide phenomenon? Live Science explains that researchers pored through records — including published studies, academic papers and even social media posts — to find records of mantises capturing birds. In all, they found 147 documented cases, spanning 13 countries. The earliest case they include was from 1864, but 67 percent of the cases were between 2000 and 2015.’ ‘Since they were relying only on cases documented by humans, it was tough to determine exactly how often mantises eat birds. But the researchers’ most relevant finding was that mantises engage in the behavior all over the world.  Read more.....

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Startling about-face of the Left on Russia following the Trump election

Shocking, absolutely shocking! After 100 years the left's love affair with the Russians has suddenly ended.

And now, they see a commie beneath every rock. And even a innocent 'hello' to a Russian is seen as collusion to overthrown the government of the United States.

Could this sudden shift be because Hillary lost the election to Donald

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Walmart REFUSED to Print an Engagement Picture They Called ‘Controversial’

An engagement is supposed to be a happy time, when a happy couple can celebrate the prospect of spending a lifetime together. One tradition is for engaged couples to get engagement photos taken — but when one couple went to Walmart to get their photos printed, they were turned away for a very strange reason. 

Stephanie Wehner posed for engagement pictures with her fiance, Mitch Strobl. They went to Walmart to get 13 of the photos printed, but they received only 12 back. Instead, a note was attached: “MINUS ONE 5×7. NO WEAPONS.” 

The photo in question had Wehner and Strobl posed together, with Strobl holding a 12-gauge Ruger Red Label over-and-under shotgun over his shoulder:
The employee allegedly told Wehner and Strobl that she thought the photo glorified “gang violence”, which was a violation of Walmart store policy. Wehner said that she was disappointed, because the picture “depicts our love for each other, and I wanted to be able to display those at the reception”. Wehner thought that the picture was “creative”, and said that the Ruger was the first shotgun Strobl had purchased for himself. It is his favorite weapon to use when he goes hunting, she said.   Read more.....

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Why the Media's Drip-Drip-Drip Water Torture of Trump is failing

The old Chinese Water-torture of drip-drip-drip 
would drive a man or woman (we want to be inclusive) insane.

But the Media's drip-drip-drip effort to waterboard Donald Trump 
is doing nothing but replenishing his 'Precious Bodily Fluids'! 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Al Gore's Climate Change Express

Al Gore continues to jump more and more sharks with his climate change malarkey. A huckster for globalism, Gore claims we needed ‘global governance’ to solve the climate change problem. “Governance” sounds better than government and far better than what he’s really after, which is global communism. 

Like most carnival barkers, he preys on the gullible. “Step right up! Give your money to me to help save the planet!” Too many people buy into the scam because the mainstream media and Hollywood personalities have been loudly beating the climate drum for many years. They throw around the word ‘science’ as proof without questioning the data. 

Recently the creator of the ‘hockey stick’ climate graph, Michael Mann, was held in contempt of court for withholding his so-called scientific evidence. Why wouldn’t he show his data? Because it would prove it’s all a fraud, that’s why. The globalists have purchased the best scientists money can by. The data is skewed to fit what the buyers want.   Read more.....