Friday, September 22, 2017

Hillary Revere mounts her trusty steed "Blame Others" to Warn Americans

Hillary Clinton recently compared herself to the classic American patriot Paul Revere. She claims she’s sounding the alarm to warn us all about how the Russians will steal more elections from us because after all, they stole one from her. She even claimed Putin had it in for her personally. Paranoid much, Hillary? She claims it’s obvious the Russians influenced the election, but she offers no proof. Did Putin force all those people to attend Trump’s rallies and cheer him on? Hillary apparently thinks so. Did Putin force $500,000 into your coffers for a speech your husband made in Moscow in exchange for an American uranium deal? She doesn’t shout about that, does she? This corrupt, murderous, traitorous, smelly, angry, arrogant and entitled witch thought she had the presidency wrapped up, but she still managed to lose despite spending over a billion dollars and having Hollywood, the mainstream media, and the Deep State on her side. She’s now been reduced to signing her whiny little book in the toilet paper aisle of Costco. Or maybe it’s the sour grapes aisle. She should be signing them in prison. Thanks to Ben Garrison Cartoons  

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Tanking of Hollywood and the NFL

Hollywood’s summer box office flopped. Revenues are down nearly 16 percent–a precipitous drop from last year. The NFL ratings are also crashing. “Thursday Night Football” is down 13 percent from last year and fewer fans are attending games. The Emmys ratings have also cratered. What’s causing these declines? It could be that leftist politics are being injected into American entertainment. 

Hollywood continues to spew out the same politically correct kitsch. Their movies have become too formulaic and repetitive. There are too many comic book movies chalk full of computer graphics showing crass, physics-defying violence. And of course, political correctness is always the number one priority. Then we’re expected to endure condescending lectures about climate change and social justice from the overpaid actors who show up at the Oscars. 

The NFL’s decline is due to too much political correctness as well as the feminization of men. We are supposed to fret about overpaid athletes getting concussions, which can later lead to permanent brain damage. This used to be part of the game. It has always been violent. Like boxing, such violence is part of the attraction. Don’t want to be punch drunk? Don’t box or play football. It’s their choice and they know the risks. It’s difficult for a lot of ticket buyers to feel sympathy for players who command multi-million dollar contracts and then worry about getting injured.  Read more.....

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Progressive inspired Black man kills elderly men with Politically Incorrect skin color

Looks like polar bear hunting is no longer just a matter of beating people unconscious for being racist enough to have politically incorrect skin. Like all things leftist lately, it has escalated: 

A mysterious series of apparently random killings in Kansas City, mostly committed in isolated spots along walking trails, came to an end when the killer deviated from his pattern with a brazen, execution-style shooting in broad daylight on a city street, according to Jackson County prosecutors. 

The fifth and final killing came shortly after noon on Aug. 13, when 22-year-old Fredrick Demond Scott allegedly followed a man from a city bus, crept up behind him on the street and shot him in the head — before turning and getting right back on a bus. 

Like the other four victims Scott is either charged with killing or is suspected of killing, Steven Gibbons was a stranger but fit a specific profile: they were all white men between ages 54 and 67. 

Not so random then. 

Middle-aged white males are demonized relentlessly by the liberal establishment that controls what people see on TV and are told in schools. Specifically, they are portrayed as the true authors of blacks’ self-inflicted problems. 

The Welfare State has generated a vast surplus of useless, perpetually aggrieved sociopaths with low IQs, lower impulse control, and minimal exposure to moral values. It’s a wonder liberal ideology hasn’t inspired hundreds of Fredrick Demond Scotts.  Thanks to Right Wing News

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Donald Trump Shares Obama Eclipse Meme on Twitter

President Donald Trump shared an eclipse meme on Twitter on Thursday morning, showing the progression of how he “eclipsed” former President Barack Obama.

“The best eclipse ever!” the text reads.

Thanks to Breitbart

Monday, August 21, 2017

Antifa Is Un-American

The week before Charlottesville, Liz Warren, the newest and biggest fraud from the left, came out against a more centrist Democratic Party. The N.Y. Times op-ed page had actually allowed some Democrat moderates to publish a piece pleading for moderation on the left, and Liz instantly struck back. She thereby outsmarted Hillary, and a lot of what is happening today is a fight between left and lefter in the party. 

Charlottesville followed a week later, and Liz earned Antifa brownie points for pushing back against moderation. 

But the trouble with turning hard left too many times is that you end up in the same place you started, as in the classical French observation that "les extrêmes se touchent" – roughly, "the extremes meet each other." 

The left works hand in hand with the Ikhwan (the Muslim Brotherhood, which was founded in Hitler's time), and it's no surprise at all that CAIR (the U.S. front for the Brothers) immediately endorsed the leftist mob response to the murderous provocation battle in Charlottesville. 

The Swastika is the perfect symbol for Antifa, because anyone with only a smidgen of history will recognize Antifa as another neurotic repetition of the worst moments in history. The people who pay for, recruit, and organize ruckus-makers teach radical street theater, and hey, if somebody gets killed, you just blame the innocent. 

This is the whole purpose. Innocent people getting killed are a small price to pay for the glorious revolution, as Obama taught in his ACORN Alinsky trainings. 

What is more un-American than calling for the assassination of our legally elected POTUS Trump? Wanting to kill a political enemy is the very definition of all the tyrannical war cults in history. Now that liberals have found their inner Stalinist again, they have become what they claim to hate. Calling for a presidential assassination is an open confession of totalitarian murder fantasies, the same nightmare fantasies that drove actual assassins – against JFK, against Pope John Paul II, against Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, and against Abraham Lincoln. 

What we are seeing today is not just talk of assassination. It has already resulted in a near fatal assault on Republican congressmen. It drove that mad young man in Charlottesville to panic, and in due course, we will find out what actually happened, through the court system. Only fools jump to instant conclusions, but then we are governed and preached at by fools every single day. Republicans have happily jumped into the public dirt pool along with all the other fools. Just keep track of who said what at this critical moment, and dig it out at election time.   
Read more at American Thinker
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Monday, August 14, 2017

Media paints alt-right and White America with a broad brush and while completely ignoring BLM and Antifa

Once again the media is showing it's unvarnished bias toward the American Right.  They condemn the violent acts in Virginia solely on right wing groups without so much as a single word about the groups such as BLM and Antifa for throwing the first punch.  But then does anyone really expect anything else from those in the media who actually believe the left's lies about 'White Privilege'.  It is just fine for groups like BLM and other to spew their hate toward whites, by lord help us when it's the reverse.

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