Thursday, February 16, 2017

Only known cure for Trumpozoa bug is Impeachment of Donald Trump

Following the election of Donald J. Trump as President actuarial tables have shown a sudden spike in the suicide rate among certain specific groups.  These outbreaks are confined to University Campuses and urban areas.  Whereas rural areas of middle America seem unaffected by this mysterious ailment.  Statistics have revealed that not only have self-inflicted death rates increased, for some obscure reason the demand for twinkies, zoom zoom's and wam wam's soared.  Leaving the confectionery companies scrambling to meet the increased demand for what amounts to adult pacifiers.  Mental health specialist at the nation's top institutions (nut houses), have endorsed a recently developed medication for this spreading disorder---"The Impeachment of Donald Trump"!
Breaking News: Doctors at the CDC, Communicable Disease Center in Atlanta have isolated and identified the bug responsible for this growing world wide threat.  This mind-altering danger to humanity is being called----TRUMPOZOA!   

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why do Democrats always seem to march in Lock-step

Both political party soldiers for the most part take their marching orders from the top.  But for some reason it is the Democrats who seem to march in lock-step more than their counterparts.   One need only look at the recent votes in the U.S. Senate, where the Democrats really goose-stepped their way through the Trump cabinet confirmation votes.  And of course it is Democrats who call Republicans Nazis.  But then perhaps there  is a simple explanation for the glaring difference between the two parties.  Most Republicans come from the rural parts of the country where they are more likely to depend on themselves---in other words many are individualist.  Whereas those across the aisle tend to come from the huge metropolitan centers where collectivism is the norm and individualism the exception.  It is the Democrats who goose-step while the Republicans march to a different drummer!     aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Why after decades do Progressives suddenly see Russia as the Evil Empire? It's Trump's fault!

Has anyone noticed that warm and fuzzy look progressives had for decades, really since 1917, is gone.  Now when the talk turns to Russia and Putin, suddenly they are the enemy.  After all, if President Trump makes overtures toward Russia, then they must be evil.  It seems almost a certainty that should Donald Trump announced tomorrow that the African Rhino was his favorite animal, Democrats would quickly demand for that great beast to be removed from the endangered species list. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

P.E.T.A. outraged at photo of Rhino chasing man

It is quite obvious this man who is running for his life, brought on this situation by taunting this Rhino (an animal high on the endangered species list).  One can only speculate, that given the history of PETA I would suspect they would shoot the man and not the Rhino if encountering such a situation.  What do you think? 

Friday, February 10, 2017

The shocking but brutal truth aboutr Media reporting

Those in the media will do anything, say anything 
and manipulate anything 
in order to get the desired outcome.  
Honestly it's never about the truth, 
but that headline grabbing story that will give the them 
the fame they all desire.  
After all, what is truth?  
Of course it's in the eye of the beholder
 and those in the press want you to see events 
as they see them---
even if it's a distorted one, blurred by their own personal biases.

Secret Plans for Trump's Mexican-proof wall deliberately leaked by Alt-right agents to frighten Mexican Peasants

According to sources at the New York Times 
details of Trump's Mexican-proof wall was 
deliberately leaked by alt-right agents 
to create panic among the Mexican peasant population.  
The purpose of this action by these right wing extremist 
is somewhat unclear.  
However it should be noted that this group in now marketing 
a spray-on alligator repellent in towns 
on both sides of the border 
from Brownsville, TX to San Diego, CA.  
Sales are reportedly through the roof!