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Monday, August 14, 2017

Media paints alt-right and White America with a broad brush and while completely ignoring BLM and Antifa

Once again the media is showing it's unvarnished bias toward the American Right.  They condemn the violent acts in Virginia solely on right wing groups without so much as a single word about the groups such as BLM and Antifa for throwing the first punch.  But then does anyone really expect anything else from those in the media who actually believe the left's lies about 'White Privilege'.  It is just fine for groups like BLM and other to spew their hate toward whites, by lord help us when it's the reverse.

Help us save not just Confederate Monuments, but all historical monuments across American that are under attack by the left by clicking HERE!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Heartland Voters Send Message To CNN: We Are SICK Of Russian Stories And You Trying To OUST Trump!

I think Americans have just about had enough of this Russian issue. It should be left to the special counsel to look into the matter. Meanwhile, we should be getting back to far more pressing issues, such as healthcare, taxes, national security and economics. The uber-biased media hates President Trump with an unhinged enthusiasm. They no longer report any news worth hearing. It’s Russia and Trump all the time. Meanwhile, people are being crushed by lack of jobs, skyrocketing healthcare costs and monstrous taxation. I think their priorities and viewpoint are massively screwed up. 

Just look at this recent Harvard-Harris poll, where nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that “there exists a campaign to delegitimize” Trump. Americans aren’t dumb. They see this as an attempt to unseat a sitting President. It’s a coup by the left and the media and Americans simply won’t stand for it. When you’ve got voters in Iowa and throughout the heartland really ticked off over the media going after the President, you’ve got an explosive recipe in the mix. 

An Iowa radio news director emailed CNN media reporter Brian Stelter, out of all people, on Thursday to tell him that conservatives in his state are “very angry” at the legacy press because they think the media are using Russia stories to “oust” and delegitimize President Donald Trump. 

“They think the Trump/Russia deal is a coup attempt by the media, and don’t think there is anything to the Russia/Trump, Jr. emails,” Robert Leonard, the news director, emailed. “They don’t understand why the media is trying to oust our duly elected president. They think there is a double standard — why isn’t anyone investigating the Clinton campaign/Russia connections? They are standing firm behind Trump.”   
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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Confederate Flags and Monuments are responsible for High Death rates in American cities

Americans must learn to listen to those well-informed members of the media.  Not only are they men and women of the world, but most have a college degree in journalism.  A degree that demands they tell the truth when conveying the news to the general public.  They will never, never let their personal biases influence the way they present the news.  Three cheers for the members of the press.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The shocking but brutal truth aboutr Media reporting

Those in the media will do anything, say anything 
and manipulate anything 
in order to get the desired outcome.  
Honestly it's never about the truth, 
but that headline grabbing story that will give the them 
the fame they all desire.  
After all, what is truth?  
Of course it's in the eye of the beholder
 and those in the press want you to see events 
as they see them---
even if it's a distorted one, blurred by their own personal biases.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Media will condemn Trump no matter what he says

Recently the media condemned Trump for having a crying baby removed from his rally, only after politely talking to the little one's mother.  Now the media accuses Donald of hating babies.  One must wonder if Trump says, "I love babies" would they accuse him of being a pedophile!  I agree with Hillary, "words are important".  But do we need a bias media to tell us what the words mean?  Do those in the elite media think we are all illiterate and incapable of interpreting what someone is saying?  Or could it just be it's them and only them who can translate what a politician says.  In other words, their word is the gospel!  

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Trump scolds bias Press

Donald Trump in his last news conference fired down on the bias Press.  It felt good to see the lying crooked so-called reporters finally get what they so richly deserve!