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Friday, March 3, 2017

Those individuals that are 100% sure they are unaffected by Propaganda are most certainly it's victims

I recently had the unfortunate opportunity of having a brief (not brief enough) conservation with a liberal college student.  One who had gone away to an institution of lower learning as a conservative and returned as a full blown snowflake.  I asked the young man what had happened in those 4 years and told him he appeared to be a victim of progressive indoctrination.  Basically, he reply was that in no uncertain way was he subject to propaganda---after all he indicated his parents had 18 years before he went away to school to influence his thinking and hadn't.  Poor idiot!  The university was able in just 4 short years, managed to undo those values it took 18 years for his parents to instill.  How does one say, "brainwashed" without thinking of today's so-called great universities. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Defund America's Socialist Indoctrination Centers

The first step toward taking our University campuses 
back from the leftest professors and school administrators
is the election of a Republican in 2016!