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Friday, July 14, 2017

ICE Director: There’s No Population Of Illegal Aliens Which Is Off The Table

Are you here in the United States unlawfully? The ICE director has a message for you (emphasis mine) (Fox News). 

There could be as many as 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States and 400,000 could be deported this year, according to the acting ICE director. Thomas Homan said the number could be even higher, but no one in the country illegally should be “comfortable” right now. Speaking to Neil Cavuto, Homan said those who cross the border illegally can no longer assume no one is looking for them. 

“[President Trump] basically told [us] you can now do your job, you will enforce laws on your books. There’s no population of alien that’s off the table anymore and we’ve been waiting on that for a decade now,” said Homan, noting that illegal immigrants who pose a threat to public safety will always be a higher priority. Homan said if you enter the U.S. illegally, you have committed a crime and the law will be enforced “without apology.”   Read more.....

He also delivered a stern message to the MS-13 street gang in a Daily Caller interview. “My gang is bigger than theirs and we are going to take them out,” he said, adding that the goal is to make good “as much as we can” on President Trump’s promise to arrest and/or deport these gang members. 

It really is a simple concept: anyone who is unlawfully present in the United States can be picked up and subject to deportation orders at any time, regardless of who they are, what their age is, or how they came to the country. Every illegal has their own sob story, designed to bring out the squishes in defense of allowing the illegal to stay in the country. Well, lots of legal residents have their sob stories and excuses as well, as to why they committed a crime, and do not want to be sent to jail. Tough for both classes.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

ICE Confirms Border Patrol Agent Kidnapped, Tortured and Mutilated

There is nothing more horrifying than learning that an American citizen was kidnapped by cartel members and subsequently tortured for simply doing his job. 

And yet Democrats don’t think anything needs to be done about the situation on the border, which is the same situation that has made it possible for these people to do what they’ve done. Disgusting. 

The victim is an agent of the Customs and Border Patrol, and was attacked while off-duty. He was stationed in Deming, New Mexico and was discovered on the side of the road by a passing motorist. A report by the CBP has more information. 

“The agent suffered multiple, serious injuries to his head, chest and hands. Emergency Medical Services transported the agent to a nearby hospital where he is being treated for his wounds. The agent is in stable condition. CBP is working closely with the FBI, Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office, and the El Paso Police Department on the ongoing investigation. CBP has informed its workforce of this report and has reminded its law enforcement personnel to be alert and aware of their surroundings and potential threats related to their service.”  More.....