Friday, May 5, 2017

California Democrats would combine Cinco de Mayo Day with 4th of July

Unnamed sources in the California Congressional delegation who wish to remain anonymous are reporting a behind the scene effort to draft a bill that would combine the Mexican day, Cinco de Mayo with the U.S. day of the 4th of July.  With both days being celebrated on May 5.  The reason for using the May 5 date is actually quite simple.  That day comes first on the calendar year.  Those supporting this effort say it would promote solidarity not only with Mexico, but would help to unite those undocumented Mexicans with their gringo brothers and sisters.  However, it should be noted that many groups oppose this move.  The National Alliance of Firework Manufactures has voiced serious opposition to this move, claiming that the two days account for a large percentage of their annual sales.  And that combining the two, would drastically reduce yearly sales.  Also the AAAP (American Association of Alcohol Producers) has voiced opposition to this idea for similar reasons.  Positions on this future proposal have also divided the nation along partisan lines.  With most Democrats voicing little opposition, while Republicans are strongly opposed.  And as you might expect, support for this proposal is growing on both the east and west coast as well as in the national media.  With those in the heartland threatening to secede, with Texas leading the way, should any such measure be adopted.  Of course, this is just a piece of fictional satire, but if you think it to be farfetched---just remember, it was only a few short years ago that anyone would have predicted that statues of Confederate soldiers would be torn down and in some cases, their final resting place be violated.