Saturday, March 11, 2017

Swedish Police: Government Covering Up Huge Migrant Crime Spree

A Swedish police officer put his career and even his liberty on the line — in Sweden, even the truth can get you jailed for “hate speech” — to give his countrymen what he viewed as an urgent warning. Writing on social media, the senior detective, Peter Springare, explained that Swedish authorities were covering up a massive crime wave among primarily African and Middle Eastern migrants that has law-enforcement and the rest of society's institutions on the brink. The revelations, subsequently echoed by another officer who stepped forward to confirm Springare's report, blew a giant hole in the Swedish government's imploding narrative. Making matters worse for the narrative, a violent riot broke out on February 20 after an arrest in the immigrant-dominated Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby — an area that has seen frequent migrant riots, car burnings, shootings, and other chaos in recent years.  Read the rest of this shocking story HERE!

Actually we have the same problem here with police departments in many heavily Democratic areas under reporting crimes committed by illegals.  Truth is, such acts of violence by illegals would be damaging to the political agenda of some politicians. Consequently, the crimes are either not reported or their seriousness masked by a constant changing of the categories into which they fall.