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Friday, July 14, 2017

Cop Punished for Not Pretending Man Is Woman

Imagine being a security guard in a mental institution after the lunatics rebel and lock the doctors in the rubber rooms, putting themselves in charge. That’s the situation police face in a society entering the terminal stages of moonbattery: 

Fort Lauderdale police officer James Brinton is in hot water for a reckless driving ticket he wrote to a transgender citizen who identifies as a female. Fort Lauderdale’s police department may impose disciplinary for a Jan. 28 encounter between Officer Brinton and Shelby Kendall, who was caught drag racing a Chevrolet Camaro. He checked the “male” box on a ticket despite a Florida’s driver’s license stating otherwise. “If I’ve done everything I need to do for the state of Florida to recognize me as a female, he doesn’t have a right to purposely mis-gender me,” the 48-year-old [man] told the Sun Sentinel Friday. “It was inappropriate and kind of bullying and sends a message to the transgender community.” 

Forcing the police to pretend that men are women and vice versa is inappropriate and bullying and sends a message that clinging to objective reality will not be permitted by the government. Per the judgment of the Citizens Police Review Board, Brinton is to receive a written reprimand. As usual, the incident serves as a pretext to impose surreal leftist brainwashing, I mean, “training … to address these types of issues in the future.” 

In utopia, LEOs’ top priority will be to enforce ideology, not laws.   Thanks to Moonbattery

Friday, June 3, 2016

Target faces Transgender Toilet Boycott

It's about time conservatives adopt the tactics of the left and begin to boycott those who trample traditional American values!

Creep alarms to be installed in Transgender bathrooms

Because of the huge outcry against Transgender Bathrooms across the nation, the government bowing to public pressure has agreed to install Creep Alarms in all such public bathrooms across the country.  You course, you the lowly American taxpayer, will have to pick up the estimated $9,000,000,000 dollar tab for this bathroom update.  On a somewhat related note, it has been noted that the sales of pepper spray as well as concealed carry permits has soared in those states allowing transgender bathrooms.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Transgender Restroom Voyeurs

Transgender Voyeurs are coming to a restroom near you!
  After all Transgender lives matter, too!