Tuesday, February 28, 2017

McDonald's to use over 100 Food-serving Robots at Franchises across the country.

Sources are telling us that construction on a factory just outside Fort Worth, TX has begun.  The factory, once complete will manufacture robots specifically designed for the food serving industry.  Later, plan are underway for a second generation of more advanced robots to be used as migrant farm workers.  These highly dependable low maintenance will be consigned to jobs doing work that Americans don't want to do.  Already migrant worker organizations are gearing up to fight the production of these "Brave new world" mindless machines.  Claiming them to be little more than modern day slaves sold by greedy slave-traders to present day plantation owners.  Plantations where they will subject to the whims of latter day Simon Legree's.  Overseer's that will have them toiling in the fields from sunrise to sunrise.  And given only one short break to be lubed and re-charged by their task masters.  Those in the Trump administration have indicated these machines have the complete support of the President.  It is estimated that once these new uncomplaining robots join the workforce, than some 5 million illegal aliens in this country will return south in search of employment.  Needless to say, Democrats, especially those in California are up in arms at prospect of losing millions in their voter base to these mindless creatures.  As for mindless creatures, one would think they are use to that.