Thursday, May 11, 2017

Breaking News: Former President Obama had massive 50 ton door removed at NORAD bunker in Cheyenne Mountain

Just revealed government documents show that the Obama administration had the massive 50 ton (100,000lb) door at the NORAD bunker deep inside Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado removed.  Citing it was no longer necessary because of easing tensions between the United States and Russia due to the work of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her unique 'Reset Button'.  Additionally, the secret documents showed the huge door could be sold at auction for an estimated $5 million.  Money that was needed by the military at that time to institute racial and sexual awareness programs at the nations three military academies.  However, much to the dismay of Obama and those in his inner circles, the door only fetched a measly $100,000 at the government auction.  Additionally, to add insult to injury it was purchased by the one remaining Gun Store in the San Francisco Bay area, "Sams, 'Shoot a Liberal on Demand' Gun Emporium"!  It is being reported that when President Trump learned the door vital to our national defense had been sold by the previous administration, he was outraged and was going to build 'The Mother of all Doors' at the Cheyenne Mountain complex.