Friday, February 24, 2017

Commie Flags, Mexican Flags and Che T-shirts all trademarks of Democrat Rallies

Have you ever noticed there seems to be an abundance of Red Flags, Mexican Flags and Che t-shirts at most Democrat rallies.  But then there is often a sprinkling of Old Glory, often under foot or on fire.  Funny, but I never, I mean never have seen anyone burning the flag that bears the Hawk and Snake of Mexico.  You would think with the new red scare being promoted by the Democrats because of President Trump's alleged collusion with the Russians would have those in the progressive socialist party aka Democrats mothball that red rag that bears the hammer and sickle until their "the Trump loves Russia fairy tale" has run it coarse.  Then once again they can proudly join hands with their comrades and socialist brothers fighting the evils of capitalism.  

On a related note, I've included an image of the Mexican flag being burned. Something you will never see from our biased media.  American flag burning is a common occurrence at many leftest events, just as it is on the streets of Tehran in the Islamic Republic of Iran and in Gaza and the West Bank.  Not that I condone such a action.  I respect the flags of other nations and certainly that of our neighbor to the south.  I only wish our country would apply the same immigration measures their country requires of it's visitors.  I spent many years living south of Mexico City and for the most part found those Mexicans living their to be decent and honorable people.  In fact, I once had a friend from south of the border come and spend a month at my home in Mississippi.  Tony Chavez, was a fine old gentleman and has since passed.  I love the country of Mexico and it's people, but only wish those coming into our nation would give us the courtesy of obeying our laws, just as I obeyed theirs when I lived there.